The week we went to Australia

This week Class 7 packed a suitcase and travelled to Australia. We enjoyed our plane experience and have done some fantastic instruction writing on how to pack a suitcase.


We have our passports!


Watching the flight entertainment.


Packing our suitcases.

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Week 1

This week in maths we have been learning the relationship between multiplication and division and how they are the inverse of each other. We have used our multiplication facts to solve division problems.

In English we have began to took at our take one picture painting and write sentences using adverbs, conjunctions and extended noun phrases,

In art we have imagined what the rest of the painting will look like and drawn our own version.

In PE we have been learning country dancing for the Queen’s birthday party.

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Week 5

Last Friday class 7 went to London. We had the most amazing day! We saw lots of exciting things including Buckingham Palace, the changing of the guards, London Eye, Downing Street and we went on a ride on the River Thames.

DSCF0649                         DSCF0667     DSCF0675      DSCF0678       DSCF0683     DSCF0687

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Week 2

We have been looking at Paddington stories and writing in the past tense and using conjunctions.

In Maths we have been learning to add numbers together and how to set it out as tens and ones,

In computing we are researching about The Great Fire of London and will be making a powerpoint on it.

In Science we have looked at different habitats and which living thing live there.

In history we are learning about the Great Fire of London. DSCF0589 We sequenced the events in the Paddington story.

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Week 6

In outdoor learning this week we checked on our growing plants and had a campfire. We made pancakes and worked as a team to build dens!

DSCF0492                               DSCF0471   DSCF0473DSCF0476

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