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All about Ghana

Posted by on 09/07/2013

Last week, Class 7 visited Ghana. We looked at where Ghana was on an atlas and discovered that it is in the continent, Africa. Our week started with a bang, as we took part in the African drumming workshop. We used the computer to research some facts about Ghana. We chose some information and pictures to create our own information sheet, including facts about the food, the animals and the landscape.

We spent a whole afternoon trying to create some of our own African art. We made some jewellery using natural materials. Using pasta shapes, leaves and flowers we created necklaces and bracelets. Class 7 looked at Tinga Tinga patterns and designed our own inside African animal outlines. Everyone tried really hard to include lots of detail in their patterns. Finally, we created some Ghanaian sunset pictures. We began by create a wash of yellow paint and made the colour gradually darker by adding orange. Then we drew some silhouettes on black paper and stuck them to our colour washes. They all look really great!

In Literacy, we found out about the features of traditional African stories and looked for them in an ‘Anansi’ story. We then had a go at writing our very own Anansi stories!

This week, we are in the USA. Yesterday, we watched ‘Pocahontas’, focussing on America as the setting and had a look at the types of characters in the story.

Today, Class 7 visited the CLC. The theme was Wickford Carnival and we took part in lots of fun activities. We had a go at creating some celebratory firework pictures, using the Ipads, Macs and some wax crayons and paints. We decorated and assembled our own mini carnival floats, using the net of a cuboid, as well as designing an outfit for the carnival. We had lots of fun learning to use some of the circus equipment such as the juggling balls, the poi and the spinning plates. We also made some paper ice creams, some paper chains and flags celebrating Wickford. Everyone was very sensible and enthusiastic and a lovely day was had by all.

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