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Life cycles

Posted by on 13/05/2013


Class 7 have been working extremely hard over the last couple of weeks. We have been doing lots of Big Writes, Big Reads and even an occasional Big Maths!

They have been very sensible and have all been trying hard to make the right choices.

Well done to the boys who went to play as part of Hilltop’s football team. Mrs Mead and Mrs Marsh were very proud of their team work and dedication!

Another well done to the girls who took part in the Art Masterclass at Wickford C of E last week. It sounded like you had loads of fun and made some fantastic pieces of art!

Today, we have been recapping on the life cycles of butterflies and frogs. Then we had a go at creating our own freeze frames to show each stage of the cycle of a butterfly. Class 7 had fun using their bodies to show each part of the butterfly’s life. We took some pictures of our freeze frames so that we can put them up on display and create Class 7’s own version of a butterfly’s life cycle!

Why not have a look at some of the freeze frames?


life cycles 013                   life cycles 017

A butterfly egg!                                    A long wriggly caterpillar!

life cycles 020             life cycles 023

A big chrysalis!                                    Another chrysalis with a growing butterfly inside!

life cycles 027           life cycles 037

   A beautiful butterfly!                                        A butterfly laying her eggs!

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