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Pizza, Paintings and Pisa! We must be in Italy!

Posted by on 25/06/2013

This week Class 7 travelled to Italy. We began by making delicious mini pizzas and writing instructions on how to make them. We made sure we included bossy verbs, bullet points and time connectives to make our instructions really clear.

We had a go at building our own Towers of Pisa using different building materials. Class 7 tried to see how tall they could make them. We discovered that the Duplo bricks made the tallest and sturdiest towers, but everyone did a fantastic job and worked really well in their teams.

We also looked at the work of Michelangelo. We talked about his work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Class 7 experienced what it might have been like for him, by drawing a self-portrait. Instead of sitting at our tables, we lay underneath them with our paper stuck to the table. We had lots of fun, but decided that it was quite a difficult way of creating art!

It was a very sporty week as well and Class 7 took part in the Mini Olympics and Sports Day. We did brilliantly at all the activities because everyone was trying their best. Hilltop Infants came 2nd overall! A special well done goes out to Mia for coming 2nd out of all the girls that took part. Sports Day was loads of fun and everyone took part so enthusiastically!

What a great week!

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