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Super story endings!

Posted by on 19/06/2014

This week in Literacy, Class 7 have been working on all the different sections of a story. We have been planning a story about the tiger from the ‘Surprised!’ picture. We have planned a build-up, an exciting problem, a description of how the problem is solved and interesting endings. We looked at lots of different kinds of endings including a happy ending, an ending where the character has learned something, a unhappy ending and a cliff hanger! Class 7 practised creating different endings to a story before thinking of an ending for their own story. Our Big Writes this week are going to be a really exciting read!

We have also been creating some Art linked to Geography, based around our painting. We thought about what the picture would have been like if it had been set in this country. We thought of environments we could use such as the seaside, a field and a forest and thought of the different animals we might see there. We have been working carefully to sketch and colour our own English versions of the ‘Surpirsed!’ picture.

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