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What a busy week!

Posted by on 14/11/2013


Class 7 have been working hard over the last two weeks and have been learning about LOTS of different things!

In Literacy, we looked at pinking and greening our own work! Whenever we found something in our writing that we were ‘tickled pink’ with, such as a full stop, capital letter, connective or adjective, we underlined it in pink. When we saw something that we thought we could make EVEN better, we underlined it in ‘green for growth’. Class 7 became such experts at pinking and greening that they even had a go at marking Miss Dicker’s work! This week, we are going to try and use what we have learnt from looking at our own work to help us improve our Big Writes.

We have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood off by heart and have started to plan our own similar story about Little Pirate Redbeard! Everyone had super ideas for where the pirate might live and what Big Bad Creatures he might meet along the way!

In Maths, we have been looking at numbers. Last week we learned a rhyme to help us to remember whether to round a number up or down. Can you remember what the rhyme was? This week, we have been ordering numbers and today we will be looking at ordering numbers on a number line.

Last week, Class 7 learnt about Diwali and created some Rangoli patterns. They looked absolutely fantastic and some of us even chalked our patterns outside our door!

We have been looking at materials in Science and we used post-it notes to label the different materials we could see around the classroom. We managed to find lots such as wood, glass, plastic, metal and fabric.

This week, we have started rehearsing for a Christmas play. All the Year Two children have been so sensible. Everyone accepted their parts without a fuss and they are working hard to do the best job they can. Everyone is very proud of how sensible and mature Year Two have been! Well done!

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